SocialVerse – NFT Passport for Experiences

A tokenized passport for the SocialVerse

The SocialVerse is the next evolution in omnichannel engagement allowing brands to connect the virtual with real world products and experiences.

Build interactive Web3 communities with RFYN

Take engagement, loyalty, and fandom to the next level. Create and distribute dynamic NFTs that unlock access to exclusive merchandise, live streams, private communities, and virtual and real-world events.

Our software provides everything that you need to launch engaging NFT experiences

RFYN’s platform enables the creation, distribution, and support of token-based applications across a wide variety of use cases.

Create smart, powerful campaigns

Fast and powerful minting of utility NFTs, physical/digital connections, attributes, reveals, access and benefits.

Sell and distribute in user centric ways

Claim through QR codes, airdrops, or sell using credit/debit cards, crypto payments, and more.

Engage through token-based experiences

Token-gates access, membership, utility, and benefits are just some of the ways brands can engage with their audiences.

Superbowl NFT

Digital and physical merchandise and collectibles

Reward your community with tokenized access to exclusive merchandise. Provide early access to limited edition releases or provide first priority for future drops.

Exclusive communities and forums

Super charge engagement with your most loyal consumers. Create a community token that provides access to a private Discord server, community meet-ups, and member-only events. Enable authentic two-way communication, build loyalty, and bypass intermediaries.

Token-gated Discord
SXSW Metaverse

Live in-person and virtual events

Provide token-gated access to events such as live in-person conferences, member-only performances, and virtual get togethers.

Modernized loyalty and rewards

Provide exclusive benefits & rewards for your most loyal consumers. Create contests & giveaways redeemable through tokens. Promote awareness & advocacy through enhanced transparency and governance.

NFT reward program

All the tools needed to deploy community-building NFT projects


Safe and secure providing assurance for long-term viability


Built on open standards, making it future-proof and able to work alongside the ever-evolving ecosystem


Support the most sophisticated applications while providing stability, consistency, and reliability


Grounded in existing consumer habits and architected for flexibility to adapt as Web3 and NFTs evolve

Developer Friendly

Easy to use well documented APIs to meet the most rigorous tech requirements


Designed to abstract the complexities and provide a seamless user experience

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